Prepare to change what you think when you hear “water shoe.” Teva defined this category when we first launched, and now we’re re-defining it for a new generation of water lovers with the Gnarkosi. Designed in collaboration with professional wakeskaters, the Gnarkosi boasts incredible water performance qualities in a shoe that is begging to be rocked at the bar. Drain Frame™ perforations in the toe and heel drain water like a sieve, and Spider Original rubber on a completely flat outsole design is grippy enough for the best wakeskaters in the world to do their thing. So say hello to the first advanced water shoe designed by and for the new guard of outdoor athletes, the Gnarkosi.

  • Our Spider Original rubber is made to grip like crazy in wet environments
  • The bottom of the Gnarkosi’s sole is completely flat, providing maximum surface contact
  • A rigid heel stabilizer keeps your foot centered in the shoe
  • Drain Frame™ technology gets water out of the Gnarkosi, which means your shoes dry in a flash.
  • The Gnarkosi uses materials that won’t absorb any water, keeping them light and dry no matter what you get your self into.
  • Tough synthetic leather upper
  • The insole is integrated in the construction so that water can’t get underneath it and you get a seamless feel
  • A protective toe guard fights off black toenails
Drain Frame™

Drain Frame™

Squish. Squish. Squish. Annoying, right? That’s the sound of your wet shoes slogging around. Drain Frame™ drains water like a sieve, saving you from the misery of waterlogged shoes.

Spider Original™

Spider Original™

A lot of people ask why we named our original rubber compound after one of the creepiest creatures on the planet. In response, we ask them if they’ve ever seen a cute puppy climb up a completely vertical, soaking wet rock. No? We rest our case.

Womens Gnarkosi

Price: £90.00
Model: 4171


Current Colour:

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