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The Teva Infant's Omnium sport sandals pack a lot of protection into a little shoe, designed to keep tiny feet safe on a daily basis.


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  • Durabrasion Rubber™ outsole for durable traction
  • Quick-dry synthetic leather upper with soft mesh lining
  • Integrated toe protection helps keep your feet safe in rugged terrain

Product Reviews

A very good product


Worn repestedly on a visit to the Galapagos. Many 'wet landings' Very comfortable Did take many hours to dry Some wear on the toe after a long walk on rough lava but not serious A vert good product



Great everyday wear, good for wider feet


I have two pairs of these sandals that I have been wearing almost continuously for 2 or 3 years. Once you dial in the fit with the adjustable straps they are extremely comfortable, and they are very quick to put on and take off while still providing a secure hold on the foot. Although they are sandals, the fact that the toes are covered means that they are more like robust trainers with s few holes... Much to everyone's amusement I have continued to wear them during the winter in Helsinki (it's a mild winter so far and we don't have snow yet) simply because they are so comfortable and easy to put on / remove, and I can't find other shoes that fit as well and are as comfortable. That brings me on to the fit - these have a really nice wide toe box which means that with relatively wide feet I can wear a size that isn't too big without getting any compression of my toes at the front. This is a godsend - it is so difficult to find shoes that are a really good fit for slightly wider feet. My toes can really "breath" in these shoes and find their natural position, which is such a relief after years of mostly wearing shoes that either pinch at the front or are too long. My only criticism is durability, although it is not a deal-breaker because when things wear out they are repairable. The heels of both my pairs needed to be replaced after a relatively short period (although I do walk a lot..), but the local shoe repair / key-cutting booth was able to stick new rubber heel patches on relatively easily. Also, on one of my pairs nearly the entire sole on one shoe suddenly fell off without warning one day - comically embarrassing because you can't walk properly with the sole flapping around noisily with every step.. ;-) I had to make a temporary fix with an elastic band, but again the shoe repair place was able to glue the sole back on again. Of course, the same thing happened with the other shoe a couple of weeks later! But with both shoes repaired I will probably still get another few months of use out of them. I will buy another pair of these when my current two pairs finally fall apart. My only fear is that the model will be discontinued or changed - please don't do this Teva! A few more colour choices would also be welcome.





I used the Teva Omnium sandal for walking the Nijmegen 4Days Marches, 4 days 30 km a day. I bought the sandals March 2010 in Eilat Israel. In 2010 I walked Nijmegen and the Achterhoekse Vierdaagse (4x20 km) on the sandals, a total of 200 km on hardsurface roads. This year again some training marches and again the Nijmegen 4 Days Marches. I think I walked roughly more than 500 km on the sandals. They still look good only the heels are gone, the could be better (no complaint). I'm 105 kg of weight so the sandals have to endure some pressure. With those sandals I have no blisters, no problems with my artritis in both my big toes and no problem with rain, they are faster drying than complete closed shoes. So thanks for the Omnium, fantastic. For me only sandals on hardsurface.

Didam, the Netherlands



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